“Sculpture is true art; it lives in every dimension and through the ages. You live with it, engage with it. Bronze is as eternal as diamonds.TM

– Steve Winterburn

Yorkshire based fine artist Steve Winterburn is a self-taught sculptor with an instinctive eye for form and movement, and limitless imagination.

Steve’s incredibly detailed bronze sculptures are the result of 20 years of experimentation and success for the artist, whose work has been carried by Harrods, Selfridges, Sotheby’s and Christies, as well as producing a multitude of iconic public sculpture commissions in prominent locations across the UK.

Using his innate understanding of engineering and wildlife, he incorporates inspirations from his travels –undertaken as a conservation trustee of over 10 years – into his artwork.

Now a renowned artisan of bronze casting, Steve has applied the closely guarded secrets of foundrymen to master age-old techniques in mould-making and the manipulation of molten bronze.

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